Delivery & Terms

1.1: Colors

At FrenchBulldogEurope we are breeding mainly unique colors like: blue fawn, blue pied, blue, lilac, merle, black&tan, blue&tan, choco&tan,  lilac&tan, merle&tan but sometimes you can get beautiful standard color puppies from us too like red, black, white …

If you are looking for a color which is not listed on our website, please send us an inquiry.

1.2: Socialization

Our puppies are active all day long out in the garden when possible.
They are playing with other dogs and with our children and live with us in our house as family members.
It is very important that your future puppy knows how to act with other dogs, children or what it is allowed to do in a house!

1.3: Support

Our family is not just about selling puppies but giving you a lifelong help by raising your happy and healthy furry family member.
We answer any questions you have in 24 hours!!! We are not dealers, we have a lot of experience, our goal is to find a loving home to our puppies!
We love to stay in contact with all of our buyers ever after!

Our every new customer receives an email with recommendations for their frenchie.
There are recommendations in this email for the first meet at the airport, first days at their home, and recommendations for food and future vaccinations.

1.4: Decision help

We are here to help you get the best match to suit your needs, not simply to sell a puppy.
We can also provide some extra pics or videos if you are having a hard time making a decision.
If you have any questions just ask and we will do our best to help you!
We have Viber, Whatsapp, FaceTime and Instagram Video that you can use to communicate with us.

1.5: Potty Training

We start potty training our puppies as young as possible, so you will have an easy job to make your puppy house trained. Our puppies are using pet doors and can go out to the backyard to do their things outside.

1.6: Pedigree

FCI export pedigree available with full breeding rights.
Write to us for the detailed information.

2.1: Traveling

One from the most important question is always this.
Our customers often ask about the shipping process.
Please read this short explanation about this process.
If you have more question please not hesitate write to us!

IMPORTANT: please read carefully that email we send to you.
The "Puppy food and first day information" email carries important information for the first meet at the airport!

Shipping process usually have 4 parts.

Part 1:
Our veterinarian takes a final vet check before the departure's day.
This is a simple confirmation because we allow only a healthy puppy to fly.
After the check we hand over the puppy to the airport's staff. We also give some food for the puppy.
From this point the airport's staff have to pay attention on the dogs.

Part 2:
Usually the air travelling has to parts.
First, from Budapest to Amsterdam for example.
At Amsterdam there is a short break with food and water for the dogs.

Part 3:
The second flight is from Amsterdam to the international airport int he USA.
Please check that tracking link we sent to you. You can see the actual state of the shipping.
After the check out and customs' process your puppy is ready to go to your home.

Part 4:
First, please don't forget that information we wrote in the "Puppy food and first day information" email!
Be very kind and patient to your puppy. Don't forget the puppy just arrived at a new country, sees a new owner and very tired!
Please pay attention on your puppy during the travelling to your home.
At your home also pay attention on your puppy, especially on the few first days.
If you have any question please write to us. Our veterinarian also here to help to you.

2.2: Order and Payment

If you would like to get shipped a puppy to your home you need to take a few steps.

–         You choose a puppy and you can directly write to us on that puppy's page. At this step we can provide help and more photos.
–         We will ask for a few information of you (your full name, full address, phone number and email address, selected Customs Broker!)
–         we inform you about the total price, payment method and the closest available international airport near you
–         Deposit is 30% of the total price
–         As soon as we get the deposit we order the shipping at the cargo company
–         You will be called by the airline (or you will get an email). You need to confirm that you will receive the puppy
–         You need to send the rest amount of the price 5 days before the shipping
–         We send you all the documents you need to get the puppy in email (passport - including vaccinations, vet check and chip ID, invoice)
–         We also provide a tracking link. On the arrival's day you can check the current status of the shipping
–         Before the arrival you will get an informative email for your puppy. These recommendations are very important!
–         You can take away your puppy from the airport
–         Finally, please pay attention our recommendations and please send us new photos of your frenchie at your home.

3.1: DNA Test

We don’t do DNA tests on our puppies.
But if you need it (for example would be important for breeding), we can arrange that of course (for extra fee).

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