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Hi, my name is Gabor.

I would like to share a few information in a nutshell about our breeding and dog keeping program.

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First, the most important information is that our kennel is a family kennel with some litter, we are basically not a big seller company with dogs from untrusted sources.
Yes, we sell our frenchies, but from our family and our kennel. We try to do the best for our frenchies.
Our "Bulldog Blue-Efficiency" kennel name is a registered FCI kennel name and we can provide FCI pedigree with our frenchies.
Yes, this pedigree can be transferred to AKC for example in the USA.

How is breeding and the preparation of a litter begins?
At this point we need to talk about two dogs. Sire and dam (father and mother). They will be the parents of a future litter.
This is why we only work with dog parents we know very well. Their health, backend information, vaccinations, etc is very important for us.
A litter program starts with a full vet check on them. We only start a program with healthy parents.
From the beginning we need to pay attention to them and after the insemination our vet often checks the "mom". If needed he arrives during the weekend or a holiday too.
A big thanks to our vet, we like you, you are the best!

Before the birth of the puppies starts we prepare everything and our vet is also here or near our home.
At this point often there is a question from our customers.
Which one is the best? Natural way or C-section?
I always try to support the natural way, if there is no special reason for a health condition which could be a potential risk for the mom or the puppies.
If we see that there is a problem about the natural way our vet can immediately start the C-section process.

After the birth of these little puppies we have a lot of attention on them. The first few hours (and days) are the hardest for them.
They have to get out from the stress of the birth, they have to find the way to their mom for breast milk.
And their mom has to accept them! This is also an important thing and needs a lot of attention too.

Basically the life of a puppy is very different from a human baby. A puppy has a big change from week to week.
For example they can stand and do some steps within weeks. But they will only open their eyes for about two weeks.
It is a Very interesting thing to see how they develop in an easy way within weeks.
During this period we try to give them and their mother a soft, calm and warm space.
It's a little bit funny because within a few weeks they already show their different behavior. We always love this period.

As soon as they develop we give them the needed vaccination.
Yes, there are different vaccinations against different health problems.
- Bordetella Bronchiseptica: kennel cough
- Canine Distemper: attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal (GI), and nervous systems of dogs
- Canine Hepatitis: affects the liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, and the eyes of the affected dog
- Heartworm: these worms lodge in the right side of the heart and the pulmonary arteries
- etc...

As you see, vaccinations are very important for their health and long life.
Note: we only send our frenchies abroad with all of the needed vaccination. This is why we don't send a frenchie to abroad for under 12 weeks.
This time they have to get vaccinations against rabies and other worms. So sending them to a different country without vaccinations would be the worst decision from us.

A good question would be this: what do they do at our house and what do we teach them?
First, there are a lot of different options to play a lot: garden, other frenchies, our family and the most important for them: there are many toys and things to discover them.
Yes, frenchies are usually interested in a lot of things. They like to run in the grass and they like to discover the hidden corners of the garden. Funny.
And yes, we try to teach them how they can poop and piss outside. This is a long story and could be different for each dog. Their behavior is also different as I wrote earlier.
And sometimes we use a leash to teach them to walk with this. In this our children are always happy to help. They like to go for a walk with our frenchies.


Finally, I don't want to talk about how big our garden is, how many food or vaccinations are needed for these frenchies.
These are only numbers without real meanings.
What is the real meaning of breeding these French Bulldogs?
You couldn't count using numbers or any calculations.
The truth is that you only need to do one thing:
Please sit down and take a look at them. Take a look at their beautiful skin, strong body and face.
Finally take a look into their eyes. In their eyes you will find that happiness, peace and unconditional love you were looking for.
If you have arrived after a long work period or you are sad for any reason please look into their eyes and go for a long walk with them or simply play a half of an hour with them.
But never forget that they are not only animals. They are your pet and YOU FRIEND!
Pay attention to them every day. They can't tell you if there are any health problems about them. There are only signs and their body talk.
If you feel that there is a health problem of your frenchie, please don't hesitate to ask your vet.
In this case you also can ask. We try to give you some helpful information
(don't forget that we are away from you frenchie and our recommendation only will be based on that information you shared with us before!).

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