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Melissa Paredes
Puppie's name: Frankie
Seattle, USA
She’s doing great! We just love her. She gets along with all the dogs and is so loving! Frankie is rounder which I love. She’s looking great.
Melissa Gannon
Puppie's name: Harper
New York, USA
Thank you so much @french_bulldogs_europe ! You made the process so easy from start to finish. Thank you for getting Harper to us safely. She is the sweetest and the perfect addition to our family!
Sherry Andricsak
Puppie's name: Olive
New York, USA
She LOVES to be outside!🌞🥰. It was a pleasure working with you guys...Mike was fabulous every step of the way! We could not be happier!
Stephen Young
Puppie's name: Elena (Nena)
New York, USA
Nena is healthy and crazy as ever lol 😆 I appreciate her that’s me and my 3 year olds BEST FRIEND. We love her.
John Pires
Puppie's name: Eden
New York
Yes, everything went fine. Thank you!
Joseph Ronald Tucker
Puppie's name: Amelia
Chicago, USA
I don’t know what you all doing different but our pups and dogs look a lot prettier to me. I love your pups. I’m happy with Bear and Amelia they are lazy lovable pups.
Jamie Havard Swanson
Puppie's name: Amanda
Houston, USA
We thank you everyday for Amanda! She is the love of our lives. And my sons best friend.
Maria Faucher
Puppie's name: Tito
New York
We love him :-)
Yasmeen Saeed Alkhatib
Puppie's name: Sama
Münich, Germany
Heather Weatherford
Puppie's name: Lewis
San Francisco
Chad Premore and Jessica Dufore
Puppie's name: Kramer
New York
He’s amazing :) Thanks again for helping build our family!!
Joseph N. Catino
Puppie's name: Koda
New York
Giang Le
Puppie's name: Jack
Los Angeles
Giulian Rottler
Puppie's name: Honey
Washington Dulles
Le’Airra Jean Moreno
Puppie's name: Gabbana
Thank you. They are so good together with our dogs and our children. They learned quick they can’t come in the kitchen when I’m cooking.
Maria Faucher
Puppie's name: Dottie
New York
Desiree Mendez
Puppie's name: Daisy
Tracey Panfil
Puppie's name: Belle
This is Tracey Panfil from LeRoy Illinois. I got Bella (Belle) when covid pandemic shut down just started. We had to wait on shipping to open up, so she didn't arrive until June 2020. I wanted to let you know she is doing amazing and is loved beyond words can say. Thank you so much for bringing this lil girl into the world for me.
Nicoll Hernandez
Puppie's name: Prince
Miami, USA
Meng Jun Wu
Puppie's name: Toby
New York, USA
He is cute right. His personality is so good too. Everybody loves him.
Stephanie Cohen
Puppie's name: Stella
Chicago, USA
Yes everything went very smooth! Love them all so much! Here they are exploring. The all 3 had bathes and got a clean bed last night 🙂 Smokey and Stella are super excited and playful and snugly. She is such a sweet sensitive girl ❤
Ann Taylor
Puppie's name: Jacques
San Francisco, USA
Jacques is doing really, really well! He is eating wonderfully. He’s a very happy boy!
Sam Jordan
Puppie's name: Sophie
Atlanta, USA


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