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Puppies around the world

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What Our Clients


Stephen Young
Puppie's name: Elena (Nena)
New York, USA
Nena is healthy and crazy as ever lol 😆 I appreciate her that’s me and my 3 year olds BEST FRIEND. We love her.
John Pires
Puppie's name: Eden
New York
Yes, everything went fine. Thank you!
Joseph Ronald Tucker
Puppie's name: Amelia
Chicago, USA
I don’t know what you all doing different but our pups and dogs look a lot prettier to me. I love your pups. I’m happy with Bear and Amelia they are lazy lovable pups.
Jamie Havard Swanson
Puppie's name: Amanda
Houston, USA
We thank you everyday for Amanda! She is the love of our lives. And my sons best friend.
Maria Faucher
Puppie's name: Tito
New York
We love him :-)
Donnovan Robertson
Puppie's name: Samantha
Yasmeen Saeed Alkhatib
Puppie's name: Sama
Münich, Germany
Heather Weatherford
Puppie's name: Lewis
San Francisco
Chad Premore and Jessica Dufore
Puppie's name: Kramer
New York
He’s amazing :) Thanks again for helping build our family!!
Joseph N. Catino
Puppie's name: Koda
New York
Giang Le
Puppie's name: Jack
Los Angeles
Giulian Rottler
Puppie's name: Honey
Washington Dulles
Le’Airra Jean Moreno
Puppie's name: Gabbana
Thank you. They are so good together with our dogs and our children. They learned quick they can’t come in the kitchen when I’m cooking.
Maria Faucher
Puppie's name: Dottie
New York
Desiree Mendez
Puppie's name: Daisy
Tracey Panfil
Puppie's name: Belle
This is Tracey Panfil from LeRoy Illinois. I got Bella (Belle) when covid pandemic shut down just started. We had to wait on shipping to open up, so she didn't arrive until June 2020. I wanted to let you know she is doing amazing and is loved beyond words can say. Thank you so much for bringing this lil girl into the world for me.


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