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Postal address:
Mike Gabor
Szuret utca 31, Oroshaza, Hungary

+36 20 560 1646


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Owner/manager of the kennel and website:
Mike Gabor

Kennel name:
Bulldog Blue-Efficiency

Kennel information:
Bulldog Blue-Efficiency is a legal and registered kennel name at FIC gorup.
This kennel name has the official rights to get FCI pedigree for newborn
French Bulldogs from this kennel. These rights are also alow to transfer
a Bulldog Blue-Efficiency pedigree to and AKC pedigree with full rights.
Note: FCI, KSS FCI are registered trademarks of FCI group.

All our website designs, texts, graphics, each selection or layout thereof
and all our software is property of French Bulldogs of Europe.
You may not copy or reproduce all or parts of this website (including printing it on paper)
unless it is for the purpose of placing an order with Mike Gabor.

Except for the aforementioned purpose, the materials and any parts of information available on this website may not be used
– in particular not reproduced, resold, changed or published – without the prior express written consent by French Bulldogs Europe or Mike Gabor.

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trademarks of their groups/companies.

Some of them also appearing different parts of this website because of related services of these groups/companies.
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