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About Us

We fell in love with French Bulldogs 10 years ago, when we bought a farm for our family. We were looking for a dog breed which is sociable, loving, funny, doesn’t mind being left alone for hours and gets along very well with the kids and other animals in the household so we decided to buy a French Bulldog .
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How We breed Your puppies

How is breeding and the preparation of a litter begins? At this point we need to talk about two dogs. Sire and dam (father and mother). They will be the parents of a future litter. This is why we only work with dog parents we know very well. Their health, backend information, vaccinations, etc is very important for us.
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What Our Clients


Stephen Young
Puppie's name: Elena (Nena)
New York, USA
Nena is healthy and crazy as ever lol 😆 I appreciate her that’s me and my 3 year olds BEST FRIEND. We love her.
John Pires
Puppie's name: Eden
New York
Yes, everything went fine. Thank you!
Joseph Ronald Tucker
Puppie's name: Amelia
Chicago, USA
I don’t know what you all doing different but our pups and dogs look a lot prettier to me. I love your pups. I’m happy with Bear and Amelia they are lazy lovable pups.
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French Bulldogs From Europe

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French Bulldogs From Europe
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