Our Story

I grew up in a very happy pet friendly family. Our home usually looked more like a zoo, than a family home. My brother and I always had dogs, parrots, hamsters, cats and even a ferret.

Among all these animals our biggest love has always been the dogs. We had every year a litter of puppies, and we learned how to raise them when we were kids!

We fell in love with French Bulldogs 10 years ago, when we bought a farm for our family. We were looking for a dog breed which is sociable, loving, funny, doesn’t mind being left alone for hours and gets along very well with the kids and other animals in the household so we decided to buy a French Bulldog .

Lili our blue Frenchie girl was the perfect choice, affectionate, playful, active, hilarious, and smart!
(like all the Frenchies) ????

Year by Year we had more Frenchies, we just love them!

We talk about our Frenchies as though they were human (they are, shhh)!

Our home is filled with love and activity that there is never a dull moment!

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